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Wellington Business Litigation Attorney

While alternative dispute resolution is a favored method of handling potential issues used by many businesses, sometimes nothing will suffice to fix the problem besides litigation. However, not just any attorney will be helpful or effective in high-end business litigation; you need a law firm with experience and ability to ensure that your interests are protected against opposing parties who are working hard to advance their own.

Varied Cases Need Varied Experience

Because the spectrum of potential business litigation is so wide, it is important to put your trust in an attorney that can work in a wide variety of legal areas. Our firm has acted on behalf of countless businesses in a plethora of legal areas, and is happy to put our knowledge to work for you. Some examples include:

  • Contract disputes, including minor and material breaches and contract formation issues;
  • Employment discrimination, wage and hour law;
  • Real property issues, takings and eminent domain proceedings;
  • Potential and alleged intellectual property theft and trade secret problems;
  • Tortious interference with business relationships- alleged sabotage of relations and similar issues;
  • Nuisance issues;
  • Incorporation problems; and
  • Negligence and intentional tort cases such as wrongful death and product liability.

It can be advantageous to enlist the help of a legal professional who has experience in all these areas, if only because legal problems often intersect. An attorney with multiple areas of knowledge can work to your advantage.

Appeal Experience Matters

In addition to having a wide range of experience in business law, our firm is also well versed in appellate procedure. Appeals are somewhat more narrowly focused than the average lawsuit, because points of error (which can be quite small) figure so significantly in the potential argument. In any individual case, error may be found, but an appeal may only be successful if the court is convinced that the error was harmful. It takes an attorney well versed in appellate procedure to be able to articulate the harm of a small error in many cases, where a less experienced practitioner might have a lesser chance of success.

In addition to being able to mount an appeal, it is important that your attorney also be able to assess when an appeal may not be in your best interests as a business. Sometimes a layman may not be able to tell that an error is harmless or that there is otherwise no grounds for appeal, but an attorney will generally have better luck due to simple experience and to their ability to analyze evidence and transcripts closely enough to determine the validity of a potential appeal. Practicality and efficiency need to be factors in appeal determinations, and sometimes that means walking away.

Our Wellington Business Litigation Attorneys Will Fight For You

Business litigation is often a last-ditch effort to fix a problem, and the stakes can be quite high. In order to give your company the best possible chance to obtain your desired result, contact the Wellington business litigation attorneys at Markarian & Hayes today. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We serve Wellington, Vero Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens.

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