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Wellington Business Dispute Attorney

Businesses experience disputes constantly. Whether it is between employees, between one business and another, or between business and client, disagreements will happen, but there is not necessarily an immediate need for litigation of the matter. It may be that your issue can be resolved via alternative dispute resolution – but even if it cannot, our Wellington business dispute attorneys at our firm will represent you in litigation to ensure that the fairest possible result is achieved.

Many Types of Business Disputes

While it can seem like the only type of dispute that matters is one that comes to litigation, this is not the case – handling issues in your business before they grow that serious is highly recommended. Oftentimes a simple talk with the opposing party can yield results, and even if it does not, communication is always a good idea (at least until litigation and discovery!). This approach can work for any and all different types of business disputes, up to and including:

  • Breach of contract. While written contracts are what makes business deals happen in many respects, they can be misinterpreted or simply written in an unclear way. Intentional or unintentional breach can lead to missed deadlines and lost money for all involved.
  • Restructuring corporations and other types of companies. Any number of internal and external controversies can occur during a reorganization, and it can take a firm hand to ensure that it does not run the risk of destroying your company. Having an attorney well versed in these cases present can help ensure the dispute does not become a problem too big to be handled in-house.
  • Collections work, both for the collector and against. Sometimes there will be disagreements on how much money, if any, that one business is entitled to gain. An experienced attorney can accurately assess a situation and reach a conclusion that can satisfy both parties.

Alternative Dispute Resolution & Litigation

It can seem intimidating to try and reach out to a business or client to try and resolve a dispute without going to court, but a knowledgeable attorney can sometimes be the linchpin of a satisfactory alternative dispute resolution (ADR), in addition to being able to defend your interests in court. Negotiation, mediation and the like all have their place, and very often these strategies can be less costly and time-consuming than litigation. It is also worth noting that in Florida, most court proceedings are public record; mediations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution are usually private.

If ADR is unsuccessful, litigation may be the only method left, but nevertheless, there are ways to make litigation less time-consuming and hostile, and it is important that you have legal representation that is more concerned with your business’s reputation and ability to operate than with making themselves look good. There are ways to proceed with litigation where the focus is on appropriate resolution, and our firm makes certain to always put that front and center.

Call An Experienced Wellington Business Dispute Attorney

Your business is your livelihood, and when it is bogged down in disputes, it is less able to operate as fully as you might like. If there is a way to avoid litigation in navigating a dispute, it will most often be found by an attorney, and our business minded dispute resolution attorneys at Markarian & Hayes will work hard toward that end. Call us today to schedule an initial consultation. We serve Wellington,  Vero Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens.

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