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Florida is more business friendly than ever in this day and age, which makes it a great place to do business – but perhaps not the best place to be on the receiving end of a business lawsuit. Disputes and misunderstandings do occur, but if you wind up on the wrong end of one, it is important that you ensure you have knowledgeable representation to see you through it. Your business is important to you and you deserve a great Wellington business attorney to ensure that it is well protected.

From Beginning To End

Whether starting a business, winding one up, or making changes, having an attorney on your side who understands how complex these processes can become is important. Our firm is here to assist you from the inception of your company until the doors close, and we are well versed in multiple different legal arenas that you might encounter during your business’ life span. Some include:

  • Corporate formation – creating articles of incorporation and handling the other documents required to create a business;
  • Contract law – ensuring that contracts executed in your business’ name are equitable and above board, and handling any breach of contract claims that may appear;
  • Licensing and regulatory issues – working with state and federal law to ensure your business is in compliance;
  • Business disputes and litigation – Permit issues, employment law questions, intellectual property disputes, and many other types of suit that may be leveled at a business; and
  • Several other types of law designed to best help business entities be able to continue doing business.

We Can Help Minimize Liability

One particular area in which our attorneys have experience is in helping businesses structure in a way so as to minimize exposure to personal liability. All businesses will be liable for certain misfortunes of their employees (especially if they are large enough to be required to carry workers’ compensation insurance), but making choices to insulate oneself personally from liability (that is, to insulate one’s personal holdings from one’s business holdings) is a choice that should be exercised if possible, so you are not left with nothing if an employee is injured and chooses to bring suit.

If you have already incorporated and are encountering problems from creditors, this is another area that our attorneys may be able to help with. In Florida, the ‘corporate veil’ may only be pierced and the individuals behind it reached by creditors if it is held that the corporation itself is a sham or “mere instrumentality” of those who want to stand behind it, which is in reality a fairly high burden to meet. Our attorneys are not afraid to fight for you.

Seek Experienced Legal Help For Your Business Today

Starting a business is extremely difficult and time-consuming work. Throughout the life of your company, you need an attorney who understands and respects the work put into ensuring it is the best it can be. Our Wellington business attorneys at Markarian & Hayes want to be that law firm – call us today to schedule an appointment. We serve Wellington, Vero Beach and Palm Beach Gardens.

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