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Vero Beach Project Approvals, Regulatory Representation & Business Permits Attorney

Operating a business, regardless of the size and complexity, requires compliance and interaction with regulatory bodies on a routine basis. Whether it is seeking project approval, licensing, or securing the policies and regulations needed to move a company forward, dealing with any governmental agency is challenging and often overwhelming. Gaining cooperation from regulatory entities is key to successfully running a business, and thus, should not be downplayed or ignored for matters that seem more pressing. The Vero Beach project approval, regulatory representation, and business permits attorneys at Markarian & Hayes understand the frustrations of communicating with government regulators, and offer companies throughout South Florida legal representation designed to identify problematic issues, achieve compliance, and formulate effective risk management strategies. Even within the same regulatory body, multiple layers often compete for a business’ attention and compliance, which can create substantial issues. Finding cost-effective solutions to regulatory issues, both through administrative and judicial channels, are services offered by our Vero Beach attorneys, who strive to achieve the outcome your company needs to grow.

Energy Sector Representation and Regulation

Florida provides businesses many opportunities to invest in and implement clean and renewable energy technology due to the climate and natural resources available in this State. However, this sector is one of the most highly regulated industries that operate in this country. This level of administrative control can greatly hinder how and when a company may initiate, complete, and maintain operations that utilize clean and renewable energy. Our Vero Beach project approvals, regulatory representation, and business permit attorneys understand the obstacles companies face when attempting to navigate the complicated regulatory process, and work at the national and local level to influence sound energy policy that will enhance a company’s ability to invest in and use this technology to enhance operations. Some of the regulatory successes our firm has achieved, and continues to work towards creating in the governing regulatory agencies, include:

  • Affecting the development of beneficial energy policy around the United States;
  • Helping to create rules intended to facilitate the development and construction of clean and renewable energy technology; and
  • Obtaining regulatory approval for energy projects nationwide.

In addition, we invest the time and resources needed to monitor legal developments in the energy sector across the country to better counsel our clients on the best approach to regulatory proceedings, litigation, and policy-making efforts. Whether your company is a startup or a mature enterprise, the experienced attorneys at Markarian & Hayes know how to work with officials to assess regulatory concerns, weigh legal risk, and clarify potentially problematic issues. Let our Vero Beach team use our years of experience to allow your company to capitalize on incentives and opportunities, evaluate and reduce risk to avoid costly litigation, as well as protect your interests in the event a dispute arises.

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Regulatory compliance and responding to government administrative issues is essential to business operations in almost every area of commerce. Our experienced attorneys understand the need to quickly and successfully to address and overcome any issues to achieve the outcome your company needs to move forward. If you have questions or concerns about regulatory issues, contact our experienced attorneys today to schedule a consultation, and learn the variety of services we offer all your legal needs.

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