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Vero Beach Government Policy Advocacy Attorney

Government policy drives many aspects of business operations and greatly influences the ability of companies to grow and thrive. If the government adopts a stance that is anti-business or makes it more difficult to interact with clients and suppliers, this can prove disastrous for the financial health and stability of a business. It may seem that businesses are at the mercy of policy-makers in these instances, but our Vero Beach government policy advocacy attorneys know how to identify and address policies and regulations that are hurting your company, and get decision-makers to listen your interests. Government policies are issued at all levels of government, and Markarian & Hayes knows to approach each one, from federal to local, to get the results your business needs for a healthy environment within which to operate. Utilizing skills honed before State legislatures, regulatory commissions, and the U.S. Congress, we know how to affect change, and provide the advocacy your business needs optimally function in today’s competitive and fast-paced marketplace.

Advocating at the National, State, and Local Policy Level

Keeping abreast of policy changes takes a lot of time and resources most companies do not have, but shifts in thought related to tax, labor, or energy, among other areas, can devastate a company’s operations. Our Vero Beach government policy advocacy attorneys understand the interplay between industry regulation and governmental interference and strive to work with our clients to develop, navigate, shape, and shift legislation, rule-making, and policy-making at all levels. We have a proven track record of safeguarding client concerns in both the legislative and executive levels of government, including:

  • Monitoring legislative actions at the federal and State level that could impact your business;
  • Presenting draft legislation and regulations that support businesses before Congress, the Florida Legislature, and executive/State officials and agencies;
  • Opposing policy changes that could harm businesses;
  • Advising clients about public policy issues;
  • Helping clients develop public policy strategies for communicating with decision-makers in the U.S. Congress and various agencies of federal government, as well as Florida officials; and
  • Responding to governmental investigations and inquiries.

Policy Issues We Handle

Legislative and administrative policies are always a moving target, and without an effective advocate at your side, decision-makers can quickly shift to a position that directly harms your business interests. The politics behind policy decisions are complex, and the associated issues that can arise from these decisions are even more complicated. Markarian & Hayes have the experience and knowledge needed to aggressively and effectively address any policies that could negatively impact an industry generally, as well as specific companies. Some of the policy issues we have addressed at the national and State level include:

  • Changes to the tax structure;
  • Business regulation of environmental issues, particularly renewable energy;
  • Employment and labor law;
  • Nuclear energy regulation;
  • Administrative rulemaking decisions;
  • Business regulation generally; and
  • Compliance and licensing issues.

The strength of your company hinges so much on the decisions of those in government, and you need to ensure you have a strong voice pushing for your interests. Our Vero Beach government policy advocacy attorneys know how to engage officials at every level, and are here to address your questions and concerns.

Contact Our Vero Beach Government Policy Advocacy Attorneys Today

From start-ups to well-established companies, everyone needs a voice in the government policy debate. Markarian & Hayes can assist you with advocacy at the grassroots level, all the way to the White House. Do not let a bad policy decision endanger your company. Contact our Vero Beach government policy advocacy attorneys today to learn how our advocacy can benefit you.

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