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Vero Beach Counsel to Technology Innovators & Entrepreneurs

New ideas and the determination to see them through to fruition is the spirit that primarily drives the American economy. Without innovative thoughts and the development of new technology to capture these ideas into a transferable format, the world would not be the place it is today. The innovators and entrepreneurs responsible for this forward thinking and relentless drive to be on the cutting edge also frequently need legal advice to protect their investment, establish a legally-recognized entity, and secure financing. Elements of these critical issues are easy to overlook or underestimate for new ventures, but missing any of these key steps can cause huge problems as the business develops. Our  Vero Beach counsel to technology innovators and entrepreneurs understand the pressures facing new businesses and can provide assistance with legal issues, regulatory matters, and policy issues related to energy related technology.

Services to Establish a Strong Foundation for New Company

Business Formation

Companies put themselves in strong positions for future growth by utilizing experienced legal counsel from the beginning. Putting together a new business venture involves a number of critical decisions, along with the need to file many different documents with a variety of governmental authorities. Determining which business structure to use as the foundation of business is especially important because of the long-term implications this choice has on operations, including the taxation structure, financing, legal liability, sales/transfers, and how decisions are made. Whether it be a partnership, LLC, corporation, or joint venture, the attorneys at Markarian & Hayes are here to address all the needs and concerns a new business may have. Our attorneys can advise owners on the steps needed to legally establish a business entity in the state of Florida, and assist with drafting key documents, such as operating agreements, articles of incorporation, and corporate by-laws.


Financing is a pressing concern for any new venture, but technology innovators and entrepreneurs face unique challenges that our Vero Beach attorneys know how to address, so you avoid potential ethical or conflict of interest issues that can disrupt operations and ruin business relations. Our attorneys can educate owners on the need for capital investment and how to structure debt financing, as well as helping to ensure that venture capital-funded entities are properly structured to allow for continued control and management by the owner and retention of ownership interests, while taking advantage of this funding source.

Protecting Your Work

A company’s ideas, processes, products, and brands are some of the most valuable assets they own. Collectively known as intellectual property, these resources need protection to allow a company to fully benefit and exploit their interests in these assets. Our Vero Beach counsel for technology innovators and entrepreneurs understand the importance of intellectual property, and can assist you with obtaining patents, trademarks, and copyrights, as well as implementing non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements to protect trade secrets. In addition, our firm is experienced in negotiating and drafting distribution and licensing agreements, along with conducting due diligence prior to any acquisitions or transfers.


Contracts are essential to the functioning of any business, and our team can assist with negotiating and drafting a wide variety of agreements that come up at various stages of business development, including:

  • Asset purchase;
  • Stock options;
  • Employment;
  • Shareholder agreements;
  • Mergers and acquisitions; and
  • Executive compensation packages.

Contact Our Counsel to Technology Innovators and Entrepreneurs Today

Legal matters impact all aspects of your business, and whether you need help with starting up, selling a business, dissolution, or asset transfer, the attorneys at Markarian & Hayes have the experience to provide high-level legal assistance. Our dedicated Vero Beach attorneys are available to help with emergency issues or provide outside counsel advice, so your business can grow to its fullest potential. Contact us today to learn more, and for a free consultation.

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