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Contracts are a staple of business operations and a common method of building trust with clients, vendors, investors, and the public sector. In order for these agreements to work as intended, the parties involved need to agree to and understand the terms of the contract, and be ready, willing, and able to complete the terms as promised. Unfortunately, the high use of contracts to conduct business means that disputes over the terms, expectations, and adequacy of performance will occur. Not signing or seeing the fruits of an agreed-upon contract can be disastrous for the financial stability of an organization, and even lead to court judgments and penalties that cost companies millions of dollars. When contract disputes do arise, you need a legal team on your side that can bring about a quick and effective solution. The Vero Beach contract dispute attorneys at Markarian & Hayes can help you resolve a legal issue at any stage of the contract process, from negotiation to execution, and have a variety of legal options to help you meet your goals.

Types of Contract Disputes

Business relationships are formalized and solidified through contract, but the steps to get from a general interest in working together to a clear outline of what each party wants and expects from the other is frequently complicated. Negotiating a contract can be a long and complicated process, and you need to make sure the terms are both fair and legal. Our attorneys have the skills to put your company in a strong negotiating position, and get the outcome you need to grow your operation.

For disputes that arise after the contract is signed, which is most, our firm can ensure the playing field is level, and will work to get you a resolution that is cost-effective, private, and expedient. Common issues that lead to contract disputes include:

  • Collection disputes over the right to payment;
  • Conflicting interpretations of the terms;
  • Provisions disallowed under the law; or
  • Breach of contract due to the failure to perform a material term of the agreement or in anticipation of going into default or breach.

In addition, certain transactions tend to produce more conflict and disagreement, such as real estate deals, employer-employee agreements, intellectual property sales and transfer, and acquisition of an existing business.

Legal Remedies

Seeing a business relationship sour over a contract dispute is never ideal, nor is the time and expense of litigation often in the parties’ best interests. Depending upon the stage of the contractual relationship and the nature of the dispute, negotiation and mediation are quite effective at resolving these matters, and all the parties can get on the same page, so the relationship can hopefully continue.

When a potential breach is involved, though, the situation becomes more complicated, and while working towards a private settlement is ideal and certainly possible in some cases, if there is disagreement over the existence of a breach or who is at fault, litigation may be necessary to resolve the dispute. If court involvement is necessary, damages are the typical solution for a breach, as well as requesting the court to declare any other operating terms null and void so further legal action is cut off.

Our Vero Beach contract dispute attorneys will always strive to pursue the remedy that will best meet the circumstances of your situation. Mediation is best for avoiding the cost and time of litigation, as well as publicity, but we are also prepared to take your case to trial to get you the right outcome.

Contact Our Vero Beach Contract Dispute Attorneys Today

One bad deal can wreak havoc on a company’s operations. If you need help negotiating or settling a contract dispute, let our experienced attorneys help you get a resolution that protects your interests and avoids future disagreement. We have the resources to thoroughly investigate and research your case to build an effective response, and offer free initial consultations to get you started. Contact the Vero Beach contract dispute attorneys at Markarian & Hayes to learn how we can help your business.

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