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Vero Beach Collection Dispute Attorney

Businesses count on full and prompt payment to cover their expenses and overhead, as well as to fuel growth. No matter how big or small you are, without reliable and robust accounts receivables, a company will not be able to survive. Unfortunately, not all customers, vendors, or clients are responsive to requests for payment, and in some situations, regardless of a good faith effort, accounts must be escalated to ensure payment is received. Payment and collections disputes are an unavoidable part of doing business, and effectively pursuing and securing payment is often challenging. Rather than invest precious resources better used elsewhere, hire the Vero Beach collection dispute attorneys at Markarian & Hayes, and rest secure in the knowledge that we know how to implement effective collection strategies and are committed to protecting your business’ financial interests.

The Collection Services We Offer

Staying on top of uncollected debt is critically important, both for the financial stability of your company, and the message it sends to other potentially delinquent accounts, that you are serious about pursuing all legal avenues to get the money owed. Our Vero Beach attorneys know how critical swift and consistent responses are to successfully settling a collection dispute, and will utilize the following methods to collect outstanding accounts:

  • Demand Letters – Demand letters are the first step in the collection process, and requests payment by the entity or person responsible for the overdue account by a certain date.
  • Settlements – Negotiating a settlement for less than the full amount is a good option when the delinquent party cannot afford to pay the overdue amount, or the cost of litigating a collection dispute in court is not desirable or cost effective.
  • Payment Plans – If both parties agree that a debt is owed, but the debtor does not want to pay the full amount, or does not have the means to pay all at once, negotiating a payment plan that allows the debt to be paid off over time is a way to settle the dispute without the time and expense of court.
  • Litigation – If there is a dispute about the existence of a debt, or the responsible party ignores attempts to resolve the case out of court, it may be time to initiate a lawsuit to collect the monies you are owed.
  • Enforcing a Court Judgment – Once a court judgment is issued, enforcing it is another process that our attorneys can help you navigate. From wage garnishment, freezing financial accounts, and filing contempt actions to compel compliance, Markarian & Hayes will do what is necessary to get your money.

Defending Wrongful Collection Disputes

Our attorneys also handle businesses wrongfully named in a collection disputes or pursued for a debt they do not owe. It may seem easier to ignore a debt claim your company knows is false, but it can leave you open to court judgments, and even repossession of inventory and other assets to satisfy the court order. You have rights against unscrupulous and false debt claims, and the attorneys at Markarian & Hayes can help you stop the harassment and negotiate a payment plan, if necessary.

Alternatively, if you owe a debt, but cannot pay, our attorneys can help negotiate a reasonable settlement or payment plan, or advise on the possibility of bankruptcy if the situation is more serious.

Contact Our Vero Beach Collection Dispute Attorneys Today

Regardless of how small or large your business is, our Vero Beach collection dispute attorneys can help you collect the money you are owed, or protect you against wrongful collection. With more than 30 years of experience, your business can rest assured our firm has the experience and skill to create an outcome that best serves the financial and operational needs of your organization. Contact Markarian & Hayes today to learn how we can help you avoid serious and damaging consequences from unpaid debt.

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