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As the natural resources needed to produce energy become increasingly scarce, many companies are looking for clean and renewable alternatives that address the concerns of global warming, as well as take advantage of tax credits and other governmental incentives that result in cost savings. However, the laws and regulations that dictate when and how clean and renewable energy may be installed and used are very complex because issues often arise as a result of the interplay between federal, state, and local law. Florida, while a prime location for many types of renewable energy due to the abundant sunshine, location, and climate, is particularly hard to deal with because of the strict regulations in place. This complexity can make it nearly impossible for developers, investors, and new business ventures in general to successfully navigate all the requirements without the services of an experienced clean and renewable energy attorney.

To meet these demands, the Vero Beach clean & renewable energy attorneys at Markarian & Hayes use their years of skill in state, national, and international clean and renewable energy policy development, real estate law, and experience dealing with governmental regulators and agencies to get the results businesses need to move forward with the planning and integration of this technology. If you are a new business interested in investing clean and renewable energy, or an existing company with questions or concerns about incorporating this technology into your operations, contact our Vero Beach attorneys to learn how we can help you.

What Is Clean and Renewable Energy?

Businesses are increasingly searching for ways to reduce their environmental footprint by implementing new ways to offer and produce their products and services with less wasteful and damaging technology than those dependent upon fossil fuels. Clean and renewable energy answers many of these concerns, and according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, renewable energy is derived from “resources that are naturally replenishing” and inexhaustible. There are many types of renewable energy, and the most common include:

  • Biomass (biogas, ethanol, biodiesel);
  • Hydropower;
  • Geothermal;
  • Wind; and
  • Solar.

Florida is uniquely positioned to take advantage of solar power, with hydropower and ocean energy being close seconds, and many companies are looking to invest in the state as part of growing this industry. Florida law support these investments by giving commercial enterprises significant tax breaks for installing solar panels. But, like any area with competing interests, it is not that simple, and not all areas receive the same or any tax breaks for using clean and renewable energy. This is the prime reason why an experienced clean and renewable attorney should assist businesses with formulating and getting plans approved by state and local agencies.

Common Legal Issues in the Clean and Renewable Energy Area

Florida offers businesses, developers, investors, and financiers many opportunities to become involved in a wide variety of clean and renewable energy projects and endeavors. However, frequently, there are transactional, regulatory, and environmental compliance factors that can hinder or halt development in this area if the applicable legal requirements are not satisfied.

Legal and financial complications can arise at the inception or even after completion of a project. Common issues companies encounter include:

  • Securing tax incentives and credits;
  • Obtaining project approval and certification;
  • Regulatory and permit issues;
  • Protecting and licensing intellectual property rights;
  • Easements; and
  • Structuring and financing renewable energy projects using traditional financing avenues or other types of partnerships.

Contact Our Clean & Renewable Energy Attorneys Today

Venturing into or working in the clean and renewable energy areas often raises numerous legal and financial questions. The attorneys at Markarian & Hayes know how to identify and address potential pitfalls that can negatively impact the development and use of this technology. If you desire clean and renewable energy to be a part of your organization, contact our Vero Beach clean and renewable energy attorneys today to get sound legal advice.

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