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Certain industries in Florida are under heavy government regulation (healthcare, financial, and legal, just to name a few), and one of the main ways this regulation is enforced is through required licensing and permitting in order to legally operate. While obtaining a license may seem to be a mere formality in many instances, issues can arise that jeopardize operations, and cost your business time and profits. In addition, licenses may be needed from multiple levels of government and various agencies to remain in compliance with applicable law. These added layers of approval and regulation increase the chances an application may be rejected, as well as the likelihood key steps will be missed. Our Vero Beach administration, licensing, & regulatory requirements attorneys know how to represent your interests, and fight to achieve the outcome you need to legally and successfully operate in this state. Negative administrative action can devastate your business, and hamstring your recovery for a long period of time, but the attorneys at Markarian & Hayes have the experience to effectively address these situations to avoid harmful decisions, and guard against future issues.

Florida Administrative Agencies

Like a governmental body, Florida has a myriad of agencies monitoring and regulating a wide variety of industries and activities, but there are certain key agencies that all businesses need to know, as they are primarily responsible for issuing the professional and occupational licenses many businesses need to open their doors and offer their products and services. These main State administrative agencies are:

  • Florida Office of Financial Regulation (OFR): The OFR is responsible for regulating financial professionals and institutions, including banks, securities brokers, and investment advisors. All regulation of the financial industry in the State goes through this agency, and it is charged with responding to complaints of fraud or unfair practices by customers and members of the public. In addition, the financial sector has many regulatory requirements (recordkeeping, advertising restrictions, and securities registrations, as examples) that must be followed. Complaints or alleged violations of these regulations can trigger an enforcement action that must be met with a vigorous legal response to avoid the loss of a business license or financial penalties.
  • Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS): This agency regulates insurance professionals, and requires licensed carriers and brokers to adhere to guidelines that protect the public trust. Similar to the OFR, the DFS has complicated licensure and compliance requirements that frequently engage various rulemaking bodies under the main DFS umbrella. Ongoing licensure requirements further complicate this regulation, but Markarian & Hayes know how to ensure professionals remain in compliance, and negotiate a compromise if a problem arises. Additionally, a section dedicated to receiving and investigating complaints by members of the public for fraud or wrongful denials of claims is a potential source of risk of which professionals need to know and quickly respond.
  • Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR): The DBPR regulates a host of different professions and industries, from construction to real estate agents and accounting. Different areas will have their own unique licensing restrictions and requirements that call for our experienced Vero Beach administration, licensing, and regulatory requirements attorneys to navigate the requirements of each profession, and resolve administrative disputes in the best interest of our clients.

Licensing Issues

Professional licenses have key points in their life cycle that are crucial interaction points with administrative agencies, and the services of an attorney at this juncture can greatly benefit your business. Licensing rules are detailed, often vague, and complex, which makes compliance difficult. The experienced attorneys at Markarian & Hayes are skilled at ensuring compliance with applicable Florida laws, and responding to disruptive enforcement actions that can derail your company operations and productivity. Whether you need to secure a license, to fight a possible suspension, or assistance with shaping rules that impact your industry, our Vero Beach attorneys are here to help you gain and keep your presence in the market.

Contact Our Vero Beach Administrative, Licensing, and Regulatory Requirements Attorneys Today

Professional and occupational licensing are part of doing business in Florida, but state agencies do not always make it easy to stay in compliance. Markarian & Hayes understand the importance of these issues, and will fight at multiple levels and in various forums to help your business get the results it needs. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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