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Vero Beach Witness Preparation Services

Being involved in a regulatory or legal matter is stressful under any circumstance. However, the level of anxiety is much higher if a person must appear before a judge/jury or regulatory agency to give testimony or make a statement. Speaking in public is nerve-wracking for many people, and knowing the outcome of your case or petition is closely tied with what is said at an official hearing adds even more pressure. Business owners and high-level employees, who are typically used to speaking in front of groups, still often need assistance understanding and articulating the key facts and how to respond to questions. Unless you are a professional witness and used to appearing in this capacity, you probably have questions and concerns about what to expect, as well as the most effective strategies to get the outcome you want. The Vero Beach witness preparation attorneys at Markarian & Hayes understand the pressure of serving as a witness, and offer witness preparation services, designed to help you win.

Developing Presentation Skills

Trial attorneys routinely take time to prepare their clients and witnesses for trial, but they rarely understand the more subtle but damaging behavior a witness can exhibit to discredit him/herself with the jury or provide harmful ammunition to the opposing party. Further, once an attorney is familiar and has a long-term relationship with a client, it is easy for them to overlook potentially problematic behaviors. Our witness preparation specialists provide an objective view and dig deeper to ensure that not only can you competently and effectively respond to questions, but also learn how to avoid the verbal and physical cues a witness can exhibit that can negatively impact how testimony is received. Examples of testimony and speaking forums we offer preparation services for include:

  • Courtroom testimony in direct and cross-examinations;
  • Depositions;
  • Testimony in front of regulatory agencies;
  • The integration of multimedia and technology into testimony (videos, PowerPoints, etc.);
  • Technical and expert testimony on scientific methods and analysis; and
  • General public appearances.

Our Preparation Strategies and Techniques

What is said during testimony often makes or breaks a case, so leaving your preparation to chance or assuming there are no additional issues that may come up could lead to dire consequences. Our Vero Beach attorneys understand how important decisions from judges and regulatory bodies can be on the operation of a business, and offer their clients a number of techniques and strategies to produce accurate and concise testimony that leaves a positive effect on the listeners and decision-makers. Some of these strategies and techniques include:

  • Pinpointing and teaching how best to articulate the key facts of a case;
  • Developing effective direct examination testimony and presentation, while also avoiding the potential pitfalls cross-examination can try to expose;
  • Learning how to identify and avoid the techniques used by opposing counsel to confuse witnesses and damage their credibility;
  • Learning how to highlight a case’s strengths during testimony, as well as how to deemphasize potential weaknesses;
  • Coaching on verbal and physical cues that impact how testimony is perceived; and
  • Obtaining valuable feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your testimony from our experienced team.

Contact Our Vero Beach Witness Preparation Specialists Today

Testimony before a decision-making authority is critical to any legal case or matter, and needs the attention of an experienced witness preparation specialist to give your company its best chance at receiving a favorable outcome. Testifying is about much more than merely speaking in public, and our team knows how to help you put together the plan you need to leave the decision-makers with the impression you want. Contact Markarian & Hayes today to learn more about our services.

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