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There is a lot of anxiety and confusion surrounding the bankruptcy process. But bankruptcy should not be scary or overwhelming. To the contrary, it is a legal process designed to give Florida debtors a means of escaping their creditors and rebuilding their financial lives.

But as with any legal process, you should not attempt bankruptcy alone. You need to work with an experienced Vero Beach bankruptcy attorney. At Markarian & Hayes, we can guide you through your entire bankruptcy case, from filing the initial petition to negotiating with your creditors and ultimately obtaining a discharge from the court.

One of our attorneys is board-certified in both business and consumer bankruptcy law by the American Board of Certification. This certification is indicative of the quality of representation that our firm provides. Although you may be concerned about taking on the added expense of a bankruptcy attorney when you already struggling with debt, keep in mind you get what you pay for. And when it comes to bankruptcy, you do not want a lawyer who will do a half-finished job or leave you in a worse position then when you started the process.

Which Type of Bankruptcy Should I File?

Bankruptcy is always a last resort. There are many scenarios where our clients are better served by alternative debt management techniques. If this is the case for you, Markarian & Hayes can still assist you in negotiating with your creditors to reach an amicable resolution to your outstanding debt.

But if and when bankruptcy becomes necessary, we will also serve as a zealous advocate for your interests in court. We help clients with all types of bankruptcy, including the following:

  • Chapter 7– Commonly known as “liquidation,” this type of bankruptcy is subject to a strict “means test,” but if the debtor is eligible, he or she can receive a complete discharge of most of their debts following the sale of any non-exempt assets.
  • Chapter 11– This is the chapter most often used by business entities that need to reorganize their debts while attempting to remain in operation.
  • Chapter 12– This special type of bankruptcy applies exclusively to “family farmers” and “family fishermen,” and provides a more streamlined reorganization process than Chapter 11.
  • Chapter 13– This is another kind of reorganization-based bankruptcy used by debtors who have a regular income and can afford to repay their creditors over an extended period of up to 5 years.

Determining which bankruptcy chapter applies to your situation is one of the first subjects you should discuss with a qualified attorney. Indeed, many debtors get into trouble by filing under the wrong chapter–or by not meeting all of the requirements for a particular chapter. Such errors can prove costly, which is why it is always in your best interest to work with an experienced Vero Beach bankruptcy attorney from the start.

Contact a Vero Beach bankruptcy attorney at Markarian & Hayes to Schedule an Initial Consultation

If you are even contemplating bankruptcy, you should contact Markarian & Hayes today to schedule a confidential consultation with a member of our team. We can review your financial situation and assist you in determining the best strategy for addressing your debt. Call us today at 772-794-3379 so we can learn more about how we can best help you.

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