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Agriculture is big business in Florida, and each industry has its own set of rules and regulations governing how it should operate. Specialized state and federal laws control how farms and fisheries are permitted to operate, the type of financing they can access, and acceptable land use practices. This complexity increases the need for experienced Vero Beach agriculture attorneys to protect your investment, and ensure your business has the solid foundation it needs to thrive in Florida’s competitive environment. It takes a reliable cash flow to keep these operations going, and the realities of sustaining the necessary level of capital often requires many farmers to seek financing and other lending options to implement improvements, prepare for the next planting/harvesting cycle, and purchase necessary equipment. The skilled attorneys at Markarian & Hayes have a nuanced understanding of farm lending, subsidy rights, and crop financing law that helps them to provide a variety of legal services unique to the agriculture industry. Some of the issues we handle include:

  • Chapter 12 Bankruptcy for farmers and fisherman;
  • Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) trust issues;
  • Water rights and aquaculture issues; and
  • Farm loan assistance.

Our Unique Knowledge of PACA and Bankruptcy

Falling into overwhelming debt is an ongoing risk for most farmers and other agriculture producers and dealers, but given the important role they play in American commerce, and the historical difficulty they have experienced due to climatic and market collapse, the federal government has extended extra protections to them in terms of lending, financing and bankruptcy. These laws and regulations are extremely complex, and our Vero Beach attorneys have significant experience in this area.

One issue that is particularly pivotal to farmers and fisherman are PACA claims and defenses, and their impact on during bankruptcies. PACA claims are floating trusts that are designed to provide sellers with protections until paid by imposing obligations on the purchaser to preserve the trust property until the debt is settled. This arrangement commonly becomes an issue in bankruptcy, as PACA claims are paid ahead of other secured and unsecured creditors. However, a proof of claim must be filed within the prescribed time limits to secure this right, and purchasers of a PACA interest must repay these debts in full or risk losing the right to discharge this obligation in bankruptcy. Further, brokers risk losing their license if PACA claims remain unpaid, so retaining the services of our experienced Vero Beach Agriculture Law Attorneys is crucial to protecting your rights and interests.

Contact Our Vero Beach Agriculture Attorneys Today

Florida agriculture is an important, but highly-regulated, segment of the economy. Unique rules and regulations apply just to this group that most attorneys do not fully understand. The Vero Beach agriculture law attorneys at Markarian & Hayes, though, have the knowledge and dedication you need to protect your business interests and achieve the outcome that sustain your operation long-term. Contact us today to learn about the full list of legal services we provide to industries throughout the state.

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