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It is likely that your company will enter into a contract with every other party that it does business with, whether that be another company, a government entity, or a private individual. Contracts are the backbone of a solid working relationship, and can be used to build trust between parties. However, when the terms of a contract cannot be agreed upon during the drafting process, a contract is misinterpreted by parties, or there is a breach of contract, the repercussions can be very negative. A contract dispute can damage your company’s future, prevent a business from growing, and even result in civil penalties totaling thousands or millions of dollars. If you are facing a contract dispute in Florida, the experienced Palm Beach Gardens contract dispute attorneys at Markarian & Hayes can guide your business through resolution.

Common Reasons for Contract Disputes

A contract dispute can occur before a contract is even drafted and signed; when parties are entering into an agreement, both parties want to ensure that their best interests are protected. Our talented attorneys can help you to negotiate for your interests and draft a contract that is fair and legal.

While some contract disputes may be in regards to term of the contract during its creation, most contract disputes occur after all parties have signed a contract. Some common contract disputes include: collection disputes where one party believes they are owed money for a service or product or per the terms of the contract; misunderstandings about a contract’s terms (i.e. what was said verbally is different than what is written); legal hiccups, such as an instance when what is written within a contract is not allowed under the law; material breaches of contract; and anticipatory breach of contract.

Contract disputes are common during real estate proceedings, in employee-employer relationships, when dealing with intellectual property, when buying or selling a business, and when entering into a partnership. However, this list is not inclusive.

How Can a Contract Dispute Be Remedied?

If there is a dispute about what terms and stipulations should be included in a contract, resolving this dilemma is much easier than is trying to remedy a breach of contract. Typically, mediation and negotiation can be used to get all parties on the same page about a contract’s terms.

In the event that a contract is entirely breached, trying to work through it through ‘negotiations’ often is not enough; one party’s rights have been violated, and they likely want to be compensated as such.

In some cases, both parties may be in agreement that a breach occurred, and that restitution needs to be made. When this is the case, parties may be able to work together to determine what should be done next, and legal action in court can be avoided.

In other cases, there may be a dispute about whether or not a breach even occurred, and which party is at fault. When this is the case, one party may decide to file a lawsuit against the other to seek damages and restitution. Typically, collecting damages is the solution for a breach of contract. Further, all other of terms of a contract may be rendered void.

Why You Need to Work with an Attorney

Contract and business law is incredibly complex, and the terms of a contract can be difficult to decipher. Further, ensuring that the terms of a contract are compliant with the laws of the state of Florida and the federal government is essential; for those who are not trained in contract law, this can be impossible.

In addition to drafting or interpreting contracts, working with an attorney can also be helpful during negotiations and mediations. Having a skilled legal professional on your side who can represent you and advocate for your interests is important. It is almost a guarantee that the other party with whom you are involved in the dispute will have a skilled lawyer representing them – make sure you are on equal footing.

The repercussions of a contract dispute when improperly handled can be costly to your business. Not only may your business face setbacks in terms of moving projects forward, but it may also be heavily fined or ordered to pay damages. If a contract dispute goes to court, it becomes public record, meaning that anyone can look up the details of the contract dispute, and your privacy is completely invaded.

At the law offices of Markarian & Hayes, we strive to resolve all contract disputes during mediation to avoid legal battles. Going to court is expensive, time consuming, and often emotionally exhausting.

Why Choose the Offices of Markarian & Hayes

At the Florida law offices of Markarian & Hayes, our West Palm Beach business and contract dispute attorneys have more than three decades’ worth of experience representing businesses. We have been on both sides of contract disputes, representing plaintiffs and defendants in and out of the courtroom. We  have litigated and handled appeals in state and federal courts, and have the resources, experience, and skillset that your business deserves when involved in a dispute. We will always prioritize your needs and do what it takes to strike a resolution as quickly and effectively as possible.

Contact Our Palm Beach Gardens Contract Dispute Attorneys Today

We know how much is on the line for your business, and we want to make sure that you have to give up as little as possible for a business dispute to be resolved. When you contact our law offices, we will get to work on building a strong case for you. We can also advise you on the formation of strong contracts to reduce the risk of dispute in the future, as well as provide advice and guidance in regards to other areas of business and contract law.

To learn more about our services, contact our talented Florida contract dispute attorneys today. You can reach us now by phone or online. Your initial consultation is free, and we guarantee 100 percent confidentiality.

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