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Palm Beach Gardens Business Dispute Attorney

While business disputes are extremely common, they should not be dismissed or taken lightly; an unsettled dispute can have dire consequences for a Florida business, impairing the closing of a deal, the business’ operations, company reputation, and more. When there is a business dispute and commercial litigation is looming, working with an experienced Florida business dispute attorney is essential, and can help to mitigate negative fallout. At the law offices of Markarian & Hayes, our competent team is confident in our ability to effectively represent your business during a dispute.

The moment that a business dispute arises, take action to call our law offices – waiting until the dispute has grown to overwhelming proportions can make it more complex and time consuming to resolve, and may prove costly. Contact our experienced Palm Beach Gardens business dispute attorneys today.

Businesses We Represent

We represent all business types in disputes, and have experience representing different parties to a dispute, including both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation. The fact that we have represented clients from different perspectives provides us with a unique skill set and ability to foresee the other side’s moves when representing a client. Whether you are responsible for the operations of a large commercial business, the owner of a small business, a partner in a business, or a franchise owner, we are able to provide you with skilled legal representation during your business dispute, and help you to achieve resolution as quickly as possible. 

Common Business Disputes

We can represent business in a number of different disputes. We have experience representing Florida businesses in:

  • Contract disputes. Contracts are the foundation of all good business relationships. However, the details of a contract are often not agreed upon, and parties are left up in arms about what steps to take next. We can help you to negotiate a contract and mitigate major disputes, as well as resolve disputes if they do surface. 
  • Collection disputes. In some cases, there are dispute or disagreements about when a business owes another money, and if so, how much. Businesses may also be in a disagreement surrounding the nature of a collection – for example, if a business is dissatisfied with the work of another, are they still liable to pay for said work? We work hard to resolve collection disputes to ensure that you get the money you are owed, or retain the money you are entitled to. 
  • Partnership disputes. Business partners will sometimes make the mistake of entering in a joint business together without first underlying each partner’s duties, responsibilities, and rights. Without a partnership agreement, disputes are more common, although even when a partnership agreement does exist, disputes may still happen. Our attorneys can represent you during all partnership disputes. 
  • Breach of contract cases. A contract is a legally binding document that outlines the rights and the duties of all parties to the contract. If a party does not uphold a specified contract provision, they can be held liable as such. Our contract lawyers are highly experienced at drafting contracts and assessing them for validity, as well as investigating and analyzing breach of contract cases. 
  • Corporation formation/restructuring disputes. New businesses are formed, and existing businesses are restructured or dissolved all of the time. However, when there are multiple interested parties, how formation or restructure will occur may be hotly disputed.

In addition to the above, we can also represent businesses during real estate dispute, labor disputes, discrimination claims, energy disputes, torts, breach of intellectual property law disputes, and more. 

Our Business Dispute Resolution Strategies

Our attorneys strive to resolve all business disputes out of court. We do this through negotiations and mediations, working with parties to find a resolution that is feasible for all. We strongly believe that resolving disputes out of court is the best thing for the majority of Florida businesses.

While we are highly competent in a courtroom and can represent your business during business litigation, there are some notable downsides to taking your business dispute to court. First of all, court proceedings are public record, meaning that your company will be airing its dirty laundry, so to speak, compromising confidentiality and potentially your business’s reputation as well. Further, court battles can take multiple months or even years to resolve, costing your business precious time. Finally, litigation is expensive, and court fees and attorneys’ fees quickly add up. 

Why You Should Choose the Law Offices of Markarian & Hayes

A business dispute can significantly impair the health of your business and your business’ future operations. When so much is on the line, attempting to resolve the matter yourself is nothing short of foolish, and working with an attorney who does not have the right amount or type of experience is equally so.

At the law offices of Markarian & Hayes, we have more than 30 years’ experience representing businesses in myriad disputes throughout Palm Beach and surrounding areas of Florida. In addition to resolving countless disputes out of court, we have also successfully litigated scores of jury trials and other contested proceedings. We have also represented businesses during the appeals process, and have experience in both state and federal courts.

Contact Our Palm Beach Gardens Business Dispute Attorneys Today

We want to be your go-to for all matters related to your business, and we promise to work hard to protect your business’ assets, interests, and reputation. When you retain our legal services, we can help you to make smart decisions that are centered on preventing disputes from happening in the first place, and effectively resolving them if and when they do occur. We are trusted in the south and central Florida communities, and have the reputation and experience that your business deserves.

To learn more about our services today, contact us by phone at your earliest convenience. You can also tell us more about your business and the dispute in which you are involved by filling out our online contact form. Your information is 100 percent confidential. Se habla Espanol.

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