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Palm Beach Gardens Business Attorney

When your legal practice has, for over 30 years, focused on the myriad ways that you can get a business into financial trouble, and how to fix those problems, it gives one a unique perspective on what it takes to avoid those problems in the first place. If you are considering starting a business, or better aligning your business to insulate it from hard times, we can provide insight and planning. Our goal is to provide you the greatest prognosis for a successful future for your business. Our services include shareholder agreements, buy sell agreements, operating agreements, corporate formation, LLC formation, partnership agreements and compliance with corporate law. Contact our Palm Beach Gardens business attorneys for more information.

Choosing A West Palm Beach Business Attorney

If you are starting a business, or hoping to assure the success of your business, would you not be comforted by having legal counsel who has specialized in detecting and resolving problems for the business in financial distress? Who would be better suited to understanding what it would take to avoid financial problems for a business, than a lawyer who has spent a career in addressing those problems?

Any lawyer can form a business. The questions you should seek when choosing a lawyer are:

  • Does the lawyer understand the intricacies of and bring creative thinking to shareholder agreements, operating agreements, and proper corporate formality?
  • Does the lawyer consider the measures necessary to protect the individual owners, directors and shareholders from liability arising from the business?
  • Does the lawyer help instill in management an understanding of the necessary safeguards and danger signals to recognize, and address, financial problems?

Ask us those questions before deciding on counsel to help you start, or protect the health of, your business.

We Specialize In All Types Of West Palm Beach Business Law

  • Corporate formation
  • LLC formation
  • Management Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Owner Disputes
  • Buy-Sell Agreements

West Palm Beach Business & Corporate Law FAQs

What factors govern the type of entity I should use for my business?

The basic types of business ownership are partnerships, corporations or LLC’s, or sole proprietorships. If you are starting a business with little liability exposure and no clear revenues, it may make sense to start as a sole proprietorship. You can still register and use a “trade name” (also known as a “fictitious name”). Once the dollars start flowing, things change. There may be tax advantages to using one form of entity versus another. There are differing levels of exposure to the individual owners’ personal financial problems and this may govern the type of entity. Businesses with high potential internal liability may want to form various entities to operate the different divisions, thereby spreading the risk. Finally, there are differences in administrative burdens and costs depending on the entity. We do all we can to understand your goals, your exposure, and your financial resources to help devise the proper structure for your business.

What must I do to maintain my corporate “shield”?

Many people form corporations or LLC’s to insulate themselves from personal exposure if things go wrong inside the business. If the entity has not observed and complied with all of the ongoing formalities required under law for that type of entity, that is the ammunition that creditors can use to break through the protective wall and to pursue the owners individually. And these obligations are ongoing. We offer monitoring all of our clients’ periodic compliance and reporting to help assure that the entity is doing the job it was designed to do. Anybody can form a corporation….then what??

Contact Our Palm Beach Gardens Business Attorneys

With offices in Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington and Vero Beach, we are perfectly situated to represent clients throughout Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, and all along the Atlantic coast from Vero Beach to the Florida Keys. Let our Palm Beach business law attorneys help you today.

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