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Palm Beach Business Attorney
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We are Business Minded Problem Solvers

Having devoted three decades of legal practice to observing what causes businesses to fail, we are uniquely situated to know what it takes to help businesses succeed. We know how to guide clients through the minefield that is operating a business, whether big or small.

  • David Markarian
    David Markarian
  • Malinda Hayes
    Malinda Hayes
  • David Glickman
    David R. Glickman

What We Do

We help businesses

Whether you are starting a business, setting up a corporation or partnership, negotiating a business deal, or need help with financial management or resolving business disputes, our years of helping successful businesses thrive as well as saving businesses in financial trouble gives us a perspective that is not common to most business law firms.

We help with financial difficulties

For over 30 years, we have been providing consumer bankruptcy and business bankruptcy services, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 for individuals with debt problems, Chapter 11 and reorganization for businesses, and Chapter 12 for farmers and fisherman. We have a proprietary debt management system which helps us to provide alternatives to bankruptcy.

We help people

In addition to our focus on business creation assistance and resolving debt issues, we have sophisticated asset protection plans, can help close a real estate deal, create an estate plan or guide you through probate.

We follow a code

Why would you hire a lawyer that did not adhere to a high level of ethics and professionalism?  See ‘what we believe’ below.

What We Believe


We know you want quality legal representation that does not break the bank. We will do everything necessary to solve your problem, and nothing that is not designed to benefit you.


You do not want legalese and do not appreciate lawyer mumbo jumbo. We strive to demystify the process, explain our strategy, and educate you in plain english about what we are doing for you, all along the way.


We know lawyers have a bad rap. We do not want to be those lawyers. We will always tell you the truth, and never tell you what you want to hear just to help us make a buck. We want you to leave us feeling like you want to tell others you had a positive and productive experience


Our credo is that every client is to be treated as we would want to be treated when hiring a professional..we would want to be listened to, respected and made to feel like that professional looks at us as other than a source of revenue. We would want to know that the professional genuinely cares about our problem. Every lawyer in our office signs a vow to treat our clients in that fashion, and if we let you down, we want to hear about it.

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