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Royal Palm Council Postpones Vote on Controversial RaceTrac Proposal

By David Markarian |

I am representing a group opposed to the development of a commercial tract of land in the Village of Royal Palm Beach.  The Royal Palm Beach Planning Board unanimously approved the construction of a nearly 6,000 square-foot Racetrac gas station at the corner of Southern and Royal Palm Beach. The gas station proposal meets all village… Read More »

Bankruptcy Creditors Beware

By Julianne Frank |

The Bankruptcy Rules Advisory Committee has recommended that certain  amendments to the rules surrounding the procedures for filing proofs of claim and that they take effect on December 1, 2015. Currently, Bankruptcy Rule 3002(c) states that in a Chapter 7 liquidation, a Chapter 12 family farmer’s debt adjustment, or a Chapter 13 individual debt… Read More »

Julianne Frank Featured in Sun Sentinel

By Julianne Frank |

From credit-card debt to mortgage refinance, the problems faced by small-business owners are similar to those of many South Florida consumers — but bigger. Many small-business owners have developed bad habits, said lawyer Julianne Frank, who specializes in business distress. She has to do “tough love” with clients who pay employees’ wages through cash… Read More »

Saving the Troubled Business: Issues in Chapter 11

By Julianne Frank |

This site is dedicated to the business owner who finds him or herself facing seemingly insurmountable financial challenges. Whether your problem is real estate investments facing foreclosure, a retail or service operation with unmanageable debt, a construction company facing judgements and lawsuits, an internet company facing declining sales, or any other business confronting distress,… Read More »

Managing the interaction between bankruptcy and tax laws

By Julianne Frank |

JULIANNE FRANK, J.D., is Founder and Counsel Emeritus at Markarian & Hayes in South Florida. Ms. Frank has been practicing exclusively in the areas of bankruptcy law and financial distress planning for more than 30 years. She is nationally certified by the American Board of Certification in both consumer and business bankruptcy. The interrelationship… Read More »

Chapter 7: Step by Step Procedures

By Julianne Frank |

This outline attempts to set forth a step by step procedural road map toward a successful chapter 7 filing.  Below, we  attempt to give you some understanding of the  essential steps we take in determining if  a Chapter 7 is right for you. We have outlined these steps as follows:  We determine if bankruptcy is… Read More »

Chapter 7

By Julianne Frank |

CHAPTER 7 There are so many lawyers to choose from when deciding to file bankruptcy, how does one find the right lawyer? We think there are a number of questions you should ask before you decide, and we have set them out.

The Multi-Level Myth

By Julianne Frank |

I retrieved my lunch from the pickup area and wound my way through the busy Café lunchtime crowd, finally locating a stray vacancy at the window counter. As I spread out my fare, I noted on the counter all manner of brochures and cardholders left by patrons, touting all manner of business ventures. I counted among them no less… Read More »

Starting a Business / Setting Up a Corporation

By Julianne Frank |

BUSINESS PLANNING AND STRUCTURING When your legal practice has, for over 30 years, focused on the myriad ways that you can get a business into financial trouble, and how to fix those problems, it gives one a unique perspective on what it takes to avoid those problems in the first place. If you are… Read More »

The Wisdom Of Simplicity; The Folly Of Congress

By Julianne Frank |

I have practiced law in South Florida and across the nation for 30 years, including as a bankruptcy attorney and financial distress counselor in south Florida for 30 years. In the last few years, we have seen a disheartening increase in the number of our clients who are on the brink of losing their… Read More »

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